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Media productions and services in Germany
Productions and support for an immersive experience in best formats

Service + Guidance
Realization, Formats
Technical Service
HD, 4K Productions
The new 4K resolution
More resolution, more color
VR/4K3D without glasses
Amazing authenticity

Video- and Televisionproductions. Production of full-service documentation and reports, multi-camera live-event-broadcasts, image/commercials and feature film productions. The usage of 4K equipment realizes the perfect filmlook, subtle and to-the-point, in maximum HD quality also. An immersive experience for the visitors is our goal using smooth stage equipment like the dolly-trails, steadicam, cameracrane, cable-cam or the flying giro-copter.

Two workstation-based video editing suites. State of the art is the Adobe "Master Collection Creative Suite" with fully digital native 4K cine post as also the classic Avid postprodution in HD quality. Source-media can be read from all tape, film and data-based formats. The cross-media distribution uses interactive videostream on social networks (H.264/H.265 flash-free with HTML5) -live or on-demand, but also classic DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and the new 4K format.

Greenscreen / Bluebox i.e. background transparent presenter/host or 3d-objects (alpha video). HTML text and video content can be interactively superimposed on the Internet website.

VR and Stereoscopic / Autostereoscopic AS3D. Glasses free stereoscopic 4K3D. Production and full service presentation at the cinema, trade fairs and events.

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